The Ideal Environment

Children need space to move, run, hide, look, walk, jump, experiment, move, rest. They need to be alone or with friends to draw, build, think, sing, research, talk, go up, down, play, scream or be quiet, eat, sleep...

Therefore, there is nothing better than a prepared space. The right environment for children to learn and share their knowledge needs to be complete. In addition to air-conditioned classrooms, we have outdoor areas so that the little ones can have fun in their first friendship circles with various toys; covered areas because on a rainy day the fun must continue; And, of course, lunch and snack areas; Different spaces for each age group, for better adaptation of children in this new environment.

Do you know when that longing or curiosity to know what your child is doing hits? Because here you can spy full time on what's happening. All indoor and outdoor areas of the school have cameras for live access to what is happening.